Working through wood primarily, I believe in the collaborative and individual effort pulling on our unique experiences and capabilities to bring ideas out of ourselves and into the physical world. Creative output is an extension of our thoughts and a tool to express what can’t fully be defined through words.

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Alvaro Aramburu

I am a designer and artist working through functional and sculptural means, with furniture and carving as complementary but central elements in my method. Originally trained as an industrial designer, my work draws attention from practical qualities of everyday objects.

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Funny Livdotter

Multidisciplinary artist with a foundation in textile and drawing. An eye for detail, patience for video editing and a passion for insects. Conceptually working with the theme of human interactions and behaviours. Founder/owner of Homografiska Museet and an active member of Not Quite.

(link to homografiska: https://homografiska.se/
link to notQuite: https://homografiska.se/ )

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Laura Blake

With background training in textiles and woodwork, I often work with both mediums and consider myself a fibre artist. I create tactile, interactive pieces and exhibitions that are obsessed with colour and repetition. Alongside craft, my practice focuses on how sensory work can be inclusive to neurodiverse and disabled audiences.

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Joe Clark

My practice is rooted in a strong belief that knowledge of craft can develop confidence in an individual. The projects I work with show making as a tool in society for empowerment and sustainable change. I work mostly with wood, metal and leather.

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Linnea Dalstrand

In a (mainly) textile-based practice driven by composition and construction I’m using textile as a sculptural medium with support from the room, body or other objects. With a fondness for untreated meters of fabric and a material nerdiness I always come back to construction where space is seen as image and the image as space. Co-founder of Galleri Silk and a member of KÅDA Collective and Not Quite.

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Biba Sehovic Jelusic

Alice Hultdin

Designer and social anthropologist who seeks to bring these two disciplines together, in conceptual design and research. Inspired by the three ecologies, I aim to bring social, mental and ecological perspectives together in my practice, with an overall craft based approach.

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