Weekly calendar 2024

Studio Växt invites graphic designers / illustrators / artists to participate in a printed calendar of 2024. We will make a sweet, unique and beautiful RISO-printed calendar! It will be a weekly calendar again (from 2022 success!) and this is an enthusiastic and well-made product for us to promote (us and other) local individual makers in a very nice way and to help develop Studio Växt*.

You who can apply should be from around Dalsland! With that we mean that you live, are from or are super active in this area. And you are an artist, illustrator, graphic designer, or a professional doodler of any kind!

Send in your interest with two existing illustrations/graphics or drawings in print quality** (!) to project.vaxt@gmail.com
Format: the width should not be smaller that 17 cm and it has to be high quality. Minimum 300dpi. JPEG or TIFF (vector is very welcome!).

Do also attach your webpage, instagram account and public email address that you want to be in the print.

NOVEMBER 6th 2023

We get back to those who are chosen*** as soon as we can after the deadline.

*The money that is earned will cover the production expenses. Whatever profit that generates from this will go back to leveling up Studio Växt.
**Good to think of is that color might vary. We should be allowed to adjust colors so it works in the best way for RISO – based print.
***You who are chosen will get a calendar

We who organize this is Biba SJ and Funny Livdotter @ Studio Växt
If you have any questions you contact Biba or Funny or email us at project.vaxt@gmail.com