Hello Alice Kettle!

We want to say publicly hi to Alice Kettle – who is our newest member at Studio Växt – and introduce her to you!

Who are you?
I am designer/maker exploring the space between human and nonhuman centered perspectives. With a background in product, woodwork and furniture design, my work blends an anthropological, holistic and ontological approach to research with products and experiences that allow for a reflective and critical understanding of both our immediate surroundings and our greater environment.

Why are you a member at Studio Växt?
Since graduating from Masters in Wood Oriented Furniture at HDK-Valand Steneby, I was keen to start my own practice and to stay in Dals Langed. Studio Växt gives me the fantastic opportunity to be part of a multidisciplinary and international community and to have a collective space to work from.

What are up ahead?
I continue to work with the creation of large woven spaces in outdoor environments and am looking forward to hopefully growing my own willow to harvest in 2022.